Monday, August 4, 2014

boulder county colorado walls & doors...

Hello there...
It is time to photograph some lifestyle images for the new website & marketing materials!  My first desire was to fly to Austin, Texas and have a talented, new photographer Kim Anderson take the photos.  I know she would capture the jewelry and the effect I'm looking for.  We actually met via Facebook through RockHill Designs.  
I am very blessed to meet so many amazing women on this journey 
and she is one of the best!  She has sent me numerous photos of her beautiful children and some photos of her personal collection of RockHill Designs as well.
 Oh, how I wish I could have made that trip work! 
 Here are just some of her lovely shots:

Photo by Kim Anderson
Photo by Kim Anderson- her beautiful twins and Texas Wildflowers.
Photo by Kim Anderson
Photo by Kim Anderson 

Do you notice a theme at all?! 
 I love, love the architectural details she finds and uses.  
Interesting doorways, walls, fences...
It would also have been a treat to photograph during the spring 
with the wild flowers as a back drop as well. I am not talented as a photographer
but I am willing to give it a try.  And so a search here at home for some cool backgrounds began and I found a few interesting options here in Boulder County, CO.

I know which my favorite is and where I will try to 
photograph this Thursday (weather permitted)  
I'm still learning how to use my Nikon D60 and all of it's manual settings! 
So Kim, if you're reading this, I will wish I was there in Austin with you snapping all the shots...
and I will be dreaming and scheming how we can make the 
next photo shoot an Austin affair.  

Here's a bonus shot by Kim Anderson that I hope will make 
you smile & feel all warm and fuzzy :)

Thanks for joining me on my journey, xxoo,

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