Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is in the air…and the Forecast is below!

What happened to January and February?  It's almost time to bust out the green for St. Patty's Day or should we say "Dried Herb" ( Pantone color #17-0627).  The colors look hot hot hot this season, love Tuscany, Turquoise, Fusion Coral, Eucalyptus and especially Pink Champagne, the color is fab too...
The word on the street is the two hottest colors are: "Violet" and "Aurora" (yellow).

Color: Violet (Pantone Color Number- 16-3320)
Color Aurora (Pantone Color Number-
Color: Amparo Blue (Pantone Color Number- 18-3945
Color: Turquoise (Pantone Color Number-15-5519)
Color: Tomato Puree (Pantone Color Number- 18-1661)
Color: Tuscany (Pantone Color Number- 16-1219)
Color: Pink Champagne (Pantone Color Number 12-1107)
Color: Fusion Coral (Pantone Color Number 16-1543)
Color: Eucalyptus (Pantone Color Number 15-0513)

Can't wait to rock some of these delicious colors into our new Spring/Summer line debuting in April!


Brian, Pamela & Angelina said...

Looking forward to your Spring/Summer line and hope all your travels are fun & safe.

Brian, Pamela & Angelina said...

looking forward to your Spring/Summer line and hope that all your travels are fun and safe!