Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 days really????

Really!  Ten days since our last post and ten days until we are off on another adventure in Shanghai.  If you have never been to Shanghai, let's just say it oh so amazing and also overwhelming at the same time.  There are several pearl markets, each one with different and amazing strands, like being in a "bead" candy land!  If that wasn't enough...the silk!  We are going to be expanding our use of Chinese Silk Brocades in our much fun. 

So in ten short days it is with: the excitement of two little kids that we are setting out on this journey, mixed with the anxiety of two moms leaving their brood at home and with gratefulness for our husbands who ROCK!

There's not a lot of time to enter this great giveaway at Painting with Fire the brand new blog of Barbara Lewis.  These are so appropriately called the 'mandarin orange' collection!

Tomorrow our February Blog Giveaway winner will be announced, and posted here, yay!

We have chosen our March Blog Giveaway design...come back on Monday to enter...hint...five different semiprecious stones are involved.

Shine ON,


Liz Revit said...

Wow! Shanghai sounds wonderful. I'd love to see some pictures of your trip.

Lynette said...

Thanks Liz,

We will definitely photo-document our trip! Unfortunately the Chinese government has blocked: facebook, blogger, twitter, youtube etc...we will have lots to blog when we get back :)